Best eight pack abs exercises

Best eight pack abs exercises. Almost every guy desire of having abs but only a few work for that. If you are the one who seriously want to work for those ripped packs than great!. Aim not for six but eight pack abs because in the process, if you fall short, you are going to have at least those six abs.

When we talk about the abs,the dietary plan is considered as the most important aspect of it. Diet, exercise & strong determination with consistency is required in attaining those eight pack abs. It’s the right time for you to stop doing those few set of crunches at the end of workout with hope that one day your abs may appear.

A solid core is essential factor regarding strength which improve balance and firm up the weak midsection stability during big lifts. Strength, stability & power all these three derive from our core.

A strong midsection generates whole body strength and If you give focus to this area then you will surely reap the maximum benefits of it. You see, having a strong core means you are capable of doing stronger deadlifts, squats & bench presses.

So,to best achieve six pack abs, you need to understand the basic anatomy of the core muscles.

What makes up your Abs?

how to get eight pack abs

The muscles of this Abdominals bend, stretch, twist and then restore the back location. They take a seat on the front side of the lower torso ranging from the ribcage and attaching along the pelvis.

1-    Rectus Abdominus:

 This really is actually coveted “eight pack” Muscle. This muscle flexes spine at the back and brings both the rib cage and pelvis nearer altogether.

2-    Transverse Abdominus:

 A deep muscle of the core which is found beneath the other muscles. This muscle is essential for trunk stability.

3.External &internal Obliques:

 Diagonal muscles which operate to Stabilize the abdomen  & rotate the torso.

9 Best eight pack abs exercises

Here are nine crucial Moves that will assist you to crunch, squeeze and pound your belly into steel.

1-    Leg raises

Leg increases could be Performed over a level seat, a decline seat or dangling. As an hanging variation, start using a right leg and then as you tire, bend your knees to continue to keep the set moving to get an intense burn. While hanging out of the chinning rod lift your legs up in the lying position & hold when your legs are parallel with the ground for a while and then return back.

2-    Planks

Start with the traditional sets of 30 seconds. Once You reach that, now is the time for a new challenge. Partner with someone and ask to put the weight plate (start from the easier one) on the back. This brings resistance. Make sure your whole body is tight and also do not allow weight bow your physique.

3-     Side crunches

You must have done the side crunches on floor or sit-up bench. These can also be performed using a Roman chair. Come in the Position where your feet and hip contacting the bench while your upper body is suspended.  Twist and bend your knees side-to-side to Crunch your pelvis.

4-    Windshield wipers

If you are already expert at the basic windshield wiper movement , now time to change the gear & up the game. Perform the windshield wipers movement normally, but this time place a weighted medicine ball between your feet. You are surely going to enjoy if you like challenging tasks that require strength & technique.

5-    Russian twists

If you are having difficulty while doing with a medicine ball or weight plate then simply clasp your hands in front of you and perform the Russian twist exercise as usual. Doing in such a manner will build strength in you. Practicing this exercise will take you to another level where you can easily go with the weights.

6-    Crunches

Most of the crunches raee done on the flex ball, feet lied on a bench, and a small weight plate on your chest. You can also go for the weighted crunches. This could be practiced by lying on the floor with your head toward a rope fixed on the low pulley, pull the weight up while you crunch. Make sure to hold the ends of the rope on either side of your head when performing this move.

7-    Drag-on flags

For those on the advanced level, you can try performing dragon-flag on decline bench. This requires great balance and huge strength, but certainly benefit you with more strength & stability once you mastered.

8-    Sit-ups

You can bring the twist in sit-ups by holding a weight plate on your chest with crossed arms on a decline bench. This could be a littke challenging in the beginning, so,  start with the weight you can handle first.

9-    Side planks

To make side planks more challenging, try switching from a side plank to a normal plank over to another side plank repeatedly. But make sure you are doing it slowly, with your body aligned. Perform the moves in a steady motion sustaining good form to reap the maximum benefit of it..

Below are the Four excellent exercise for the eight pack abs. These exercises are given in a combination that is good for the development of your abs.

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First combination include 4 different exercises.

Exercise 1: Reverse Crunches: 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps(bodyweight)

BUILD UP TO: 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps (weighted/decline)

Exercise 2:High To Low Cable Woodchoppers: 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps per side

OR Bicycle Crunches: 2-3 sets to failure (bodyweight)

 Exercise 3: Weighted Crunches: 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps

Now the Second Combination

Side crunches on roman chair- 3 sets- 15 reps

Low pulley crunches- 3 sets- 15 reps

Windshield wipers- 3 sets- 20 reps

3 way plank- 3 sets- 30 seconds

Third Combination

Dragon Flag-  sets-3,  reps- as manyas possible

Superset- straight leg, raises, bent leg raises- 3 sets-10 reps 

 These exercises need the determination as well a good diet that is low in carbs and high in protein & fiber.

Good luck!

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